"slipknotrawr" lol and you want a strat

wierdddd ****

and it's probaly rubbish
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this is a funny one: this guitar is not the one that has no name brands.
this one has no brand, and therefore, no name!!!
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When you break a bass string, that snapping sound is the sound of six dollars going down the crapper.

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Don't bother getting it. This is about as low quality as you can get
why the hell do people even think of buying THAT cheap guitars?
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lol "21 vintage frets" "The colours are jusy like the originals" i do not approve
Ugh, even if you are new to the guitar, please try and buy one from a store, cos then you can at least try out the ones you like.
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You are a bad man...I like you

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It's so true.



Just look at the horrible spelling and grammar. That's one thing I always check for. Some other guy made a thread asking about this site like 2 seconds ago - don't waste your time and money there, it looks like it's a scam or like it might be ****.