I really hate the clean sound on my amp right now so is there a way to make it sound more like an acoustic guitar? I heard about the Boss acoustic simulator but I don't know if it's worth the money. I'm looking for a way to get as close as possible to this sound.

I'm using my first guitar which is Peavey Raptor and my amp Peavey Backstage 26w.
if you want something that sounds like an acoustic guitar, get an acoustic guitar.
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A piezo pickup might get you closer to an acoustic sound, but if you really want an acoustic sound, you just need an acoustic guitar.
I already have an acoustic guitar but I want to be able to switch from an acoustic sound to distortion right away without switching guitars like in fade to black. thanks though.
so would a piezo pickup be better than the boss acoustic simulator? and whats the price range of both of these?
the boss acoustic simulator sounds very thin and dry

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Use the neck pickup or use both the neck and bridge at the same time. I like using both neck and bridge for my cleans. I get the fat, "woody" sound from the neck with the bright spank from the bridge.

Also try adding more bass to your amp's clean channel.
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