I've been playing electric guitar for about 8 months now, and i think i'm doing it really well, i have a nice teacher so i'm having a solid formation as a guitarrist. But i'ts hard for me to find songs to play, cause i cant play really fast, i'm workin on it, but i also want some not really hard songs to play in the meanwhile, with some cool solos to work on, but not too hard. I know it's kinda complictaed to find that kind of songs, that's why i'm asking you help. For the suggestions , i really love progressive rock (and all it's ramifications), shred, classic rock (except GNR xD), blues.
I hope you can give me some nice ideas, and please dont recommend me all those classic tunes that everyone plays (Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, etc.). See you!
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Maybe Televators by the Mars Volta?

It's not too hard, it's gotta a nice little interlude (not really a solo, but I really like it).
Should do for you.
Good luck.
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
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Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a great tune to play that isn't fast or even that hard but sounds great. As mentioned earlier, Money is also a good one to learn and was one of the first few solos I learned.