i need a hi gain sound, how is the bugera 412 cabinet ?
i've found aomeone that sells a used randall 212 cabinet in lower price(120W/160W he isnt sure bout that.), how is it against the bugera?
im really dont need more then 2 speakers im looking for a good sound, a good scoopy sound with lots of bass and treble..
the bugera cabinet is a marshall clone?
im not sure about what cab to get, but i might be gettin that amp for christmas, how do you like it?
a lot of people seem to recommend marshall cabs to go with the bugera head
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Yeah I see a lot of bugera heads with marshall cabs as well
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Yeah I see a lot of bugera heads with marshall cabs as well
I see lotsa amps with Marshall cabs.

I have the 333XL and Bugera Cab. Honestly, it's not too bad of a cabinet. I'm sure I could do much better, but you can definately do worse.
im not goin to buy marshall cab, cuz i dont have the $$$.
so what about this randall..?
eh, the randalls are really nice, very clean, very bassy sounding amps, and cabs, so that'll give you that scoopy sound, but man... Bugera on bugera just sounds sexy, i would go all out with that, plus it looks nice together...
but i dont know if bugere speakers good as randalls.. in the end what metter is the speaker insice the cab not the shape of the cab..
what do you mean by sound sexy?, more info please..
It's not cab as much as the speakers in it. You can make almost any cab sound pretty darn good if your willing to put in some time and decent speakers.

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