Hey guys I'm looking to get a delay and an eq pedal. My price limit is around 250 USD, and that would have to include extra cables to connect them to the fx loop of my amp (peavey classic 30). I play alot of classic rock, blues, and modern rock. I also would like to get into metal and funk.

So I was wondering which delay or eq pedals would you guys recommend? Also, how long of cables should i get? I plan on doing some small gigs and performing at school. thanks
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eq- MXR 10 band
Delay- digitech delay-looper, digitech digidelay, try some out.

just a couple patch cales (6 inches i think), they are only a few dollars.
and maybe a copule longer cables to connect them to the FX loop.
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I'm getting the MXR 10-band EQ - I've heard good things and it has a presence and gain slider on it, I think.

As for delay, not sure, but I was going to give the MXR Carbon Copy a try after I save a bit more, just cause it's apparently really simple, easy-to-use, and gives a quality tone.
Thanks for the reply, yea Im set for the mxr 10-band, I'll probably look for used cause its cheaper. Ill take a look at the digitech delays, did you mean the hardwire delay/looper pedal doctorcheese? I would rather get a digital delay because it doubles as a loop pedal too so that leaves the carbon copy out.
Epiphone G-310 SG
Epiphone Hummingbird
Yamaha CG-101
Peavey Classic 30