Hey all.

I started playing guitar with a serious commitment to practicing and learning about a year ago. Since then, Ive almost played everyday, learned some songs, worked on some techniques and other stuff here and there.

I was wondering, how important/useful would guitar lessons be for me? At this moment I can tremolo pick, use power chords, and a lot of the simpler stuff someone would know after a years practice.

Any advice would be welcomed, as well as anywhere online someone would suggest for good tutorials or lesson guides. Im mostly into heavy rock/metal music but i really appreciate any technique or style.
well for fingerpicking "classical guitar" thing.. teachers are gold.. u can **** up your finger style so much if you get a bad habit.. that being said.. teachers are only guides.. all the learning is still your own job (practice practice practie) .. so you don't need like 5 hours of pro guitar lessons a week..
I get 25 min a week... as well as playing in 2 bands for about 1 hour each.. and that seem to rock.. i played classical guitar for 6 years before i began playing electric.. played electric for 1½ year.. and i practice like 2 or 3 hours aday (sometimes more / sometimes less) and i can do all technices pretty good.. one last comment would be that teachers don't tearch all tehcnices.. some of them you have to work out your self from online guitar lessons and stuff..
It's a lot better to have a private tutor you can speak to face-to-face. They can tell you what you're doing wrong, help you with techinque etc. For example, when I was just starting out, I had my aunts acoustic guitar, and he looked it over, and turned out it was crud. The action was so high, even he (who plays gigs almost everynight and has been playing for 10+ years) couldn't play down on the lower frets. If I had learned online, I would've thought something was wrong with me (LOL) and would've been really frusterated. In the end we got a deal from my dad's cousin (who designs guitars for Takamine) and got like a $800-$900 guitar for only $240, and he even threw in a gig bag! My tutor plays like 7 or 8 different instruments, and each week for half of our (Theres one other kid that comes to the lesson with me) hour long lesson he's normally on the drums and we play some songs. We take turns being rhythm and lead. Can't do that unless you have a band, so it's nice. It's fun and has helped me a lot. Sorry if I got off topic at the end, but yeah, get a private tutor if you can afford it.
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i would have to agree with all, get lssons if you can!! Remember that jimi hendrix (voted #1 guitarist of all times by rolling stones) was self tought.The interation between the potential guitarist and the tutor just simply can't be replaced by video's, books or just mucking around with your guitar. your not a learner though, so their are little things that you can do to improve your skills and basic knowlegeapart from getting lessons(recomended):
1. video's, are allways great and you can get specific skills from that
2. books, seriously dont underestimate the power of these things! go down to your local music shop and the range is unlimited.I found that you can get a deep knowlege of notation tabliture scales chords etc...
the main thing that you do have is comitment which is really cool to hear, either with lessons or 'do it your self' youll get far with commitment
hope this is helpful Gary de vries, nz, hastings
You can teach yourself, but its an awful lot easier and quicker with a teacher (the learning bit not the practice bit ). Make sure you get one you get on with though...your paying the money so you should get what you're paying for.