good evening all.

i have a bit of a puzzle, and it is out of sheer curiousity that i want to do this.

so, about 3 months ago i picked up this black (and very aged) squier bullet strat from denmark street for £70. plays like a junkie hooker on a stag do.
i am trying to find a date for this guitar but the internet is not being helpful.

s/n: NC 439079 "made in china" written underneath

and it has a thin headstock with the standard squier logo AND Bullet Series written on it...

can anyone help me get an accurate date for this old bird?

i think he wants to know what year it is
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Could be anywhere from mid 90s to 2007, those serial numbers are typically useless other than telling you it was made in China, which means it's not a Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, or American Bullet, so it's not an early one.