I need instances for an English assignment where disobedience to authority is a good thing despite the consequences, or where instances of extreme disobedience should not be tolerated at all for instance, bombings of abortion clinics. Any ideas guys?
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The Civil Rights Movement in the 60's? Those people got the hell kicked out of them, and they still fought. Is that a cause you can use?

Also, if you believe something is right, you shouldn't be forced to do it. Like me, I'd rather go to jail and be sued for treason or something than go fight for this country if there's a draft. These topics can go anywhere. Use your imagination, and think about what you truly believe is right or wrong that is illegal or legal.

Another one- Illegal drugs. I think pot should be legal, it's non addictive and it's their body not the governments. All points I would use.
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good disobedience = when the teacher tells you to do something because he "told you to". proper reasons and explanations should be given.
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Think government in general.

It's always a good thing to question the way in which you're being ran.
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Maybe the Falun Gong practitioners China? Their religion is prohibited and they get killed or tortured if they're caught practising it.
When the Declaration of Independence was written, all of the signers were committing treason. Also, the Underground Railroad was a good, illegal thing; at least if you aren't racist.

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Tian An Men Square

When your rights are being violated, or when you truly feel that the authority in question does not have yours or the public's best interest in mind