hey guys, so i'm new to guitar (6 months-ish). how do i go about learning the notes on the fretboard? i'm really struggling with it. is it best to do scales and say the notes as you play, or devise a system, or remember notes at fret markers!? what worked for you guys? help!
i never learned the names of the notes on the individual frets. with some common sense you can work it out after a while anyway. don't worry, man, just enjoy playing th sexiest fooking instrument on the planet!
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First learn the open strings.
soon you should know the low E string cos its often a root note, especially in power or barre chords.
from tere learn the ovtaves from the Low E sting.

Id say learn those within the first 12 frets, then fill in the gaps. 12th fret up is just an octave higher.
thats how i learnt itanyway
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