Hey all

I'm trying to find a good strap...but i got no idea what i should get:s

The thing is, i often get shoulder problems, more specific, my tendons infect damn easily So i'm looking for a strap that will avoid that from happening, or a strap that at least makes it happen rarely

I was thinking about a wide leather strap, wide so the pressure from my guitar is spread over a bigger surface, if that makes sense?:P

And here's the question, do any of you have any sugestions?

I'm willing to spend up to 60 euros, maybe 70-80 but that's my maximum
Thanks in advance=D
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real men only use barbed wire guitar straps!

*available for free(if you're not caught) at the nearest military compound or redneck's yard
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Look at mansons.co.uk, they have a really nice Real leather strap. I love mine, even go for the deluxe if you want, its wider and a bit softer.
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i use viper.. works well

He said he had shoulder problems.

There are many wide leather straps out there, just go search around, you'll find one.
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im not sure aht kind my friend had, but it was about 5 inches wide and it was padded.
ill see if i can find out.
it was the most comfy thing ever.
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