Hey guys, Christmas is around the corner and I thought I'd learn a Christmas song.

Anyway, I came upon this clip on youtube with a beautiful arrangement of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Problem is, the guy claims that he composed this arrangement himself and played it by ear, so he doesn't have the tabs.


Do you guys know if a tab for this version exists somewhere? Or is he really telling the truth and none of you guys have seen this arrangement?

And I guess it would seem a bit too much to ask, but if any of you tab gurus can actually TAB that out by watching the clip, it would be phenomenal and much appreciated.


try transcrbing it.
start with chords then work with single notes
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Heh, well I've just started learning the song and at the same time trying to tab it out as well... So I guess if anybody is interested I'll send them the tabs or post it up on UG's tabs once I'm done!