while I play my pick falls out a lot and when it doesn't it ends up turning around completely

why does this happen? I don't hold it really loose or anything
I don't have a definite answer, but i think it just does, don't worry it happens to me also, your not alone
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i think you need to relax a bit more, i've not been playing long but this used to happen, it comes from striking the strings too hard.
i got the same prob
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you hold it wrong?
Sweaty hands?
Play to hard?
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try picks with some kind of grip on them
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Maybe it is the angle you are attacking the strings. Try and see, while you are playing or when that happens, what you are doing with your hand.
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2 things.. 1: some picks are very smooth, and thereby they may slip.. solution: fender picks have a very good grip.. if this falls out of your hand, then you are doing something very wrong... 2: striking the strings to hard.. dunno how to fix this.. but guess it is all about focusing on it, and practice not to do it for some weeks.. then that should be okay..
Either you're hitting the strings at a dodgy angle so the pick "bounces" as compared to going straight through, or you're hitting the strings too hard.

Experiment with the angle/force applied to the picking and you should be able to sort it.
Same thing happened to me when i started, i was using celluloid picks (Fender) and they kept slipping out. After playing with them for a while (a week or two) it got a lot better and now they dont fall out 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time, so just keep playing and it should get better, or get picks with some grip on them, JB Dunlop nylons have little ridges on them that are good for gripping.
When you pick your picks tip should barely scrape the string top...dont play with so much weight in your picking as your pick may get caught in the string and be released from your hand...maybe your hands are getting sweaty? There could be an infinite number of reasons for this but as your playing progresses it should become less of an issue.....just practice and with time this problem will become much more rare if not completely non-existant
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it may be holding it too tight and the angle of the pick so its not gliding along the string well....also as you get better you readjust ur pick a lot without noticing it...i remember first starting it was like holding onto my pick for dear life as it was getting ready to fall out, now my fingers automatically keep moving it so its the right spot
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I only learnt how to hold my pick properly last week and now i'll be away from my guitar for a month.

Single String:
Anyway make a loose fist with your right. Slide the pick between thumb and index finger behind the first knuckle of your thumb. Leave half an inch of pick sticking out. Grip firmly but not enough to bend the pick out of shape. Strike each string with the very very tip of the pick. All movement should come from the wrist and/or thumb base. It may be quiet but with practice it'll get louder on its own.

Hold pick as above. Skim the strings. It should feel smooth with no extra resistance from any of the strings (you'll feel when you've got it).

My strumming's still not very good with a pick but at least mine aren't falling out anymore. To think I was using blutac
Quote by Mathiusz
i think you need to relax a bit more, i've not been playing long but this used to happen, it comes from striking the strings too hard.

Listen to this guy, he's right. Sometimes I still have that problem.
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it used to happen to me alot, now i have alot more control.. i did nothing special to make sure it doesn't happen.. it just stopped happening.. i 've been playin for about a year, and it prolly hasn't happend in about 5 months
get some dunlop tortex picks.

I used to drop my picks a lot.

doesn't happen near as much anymore.
Quote by Mathiusz
i think you need to relax a bit more, i've not been playing long but this used to happen, it comes from striking the strings too hard.

Loosesn up and dont really try and kill the strings. be relaxed when you play.
When i first started playing i would be so focused and determined to get it right i wouldnt realize how i was holding the pick and it would either fall out of place/drop it, or i would be picking so hard that it would cause me to play even worse.
i also like the tortex picks. they have a nice feel that wont get slippery if you get sweaty fingers, which will probably happen no matter what if you play for a long time.
I have the same problem idk what it is but my pick ends up sideways after I play for a while
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Check out dava picks! works for me.
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