So I have an Ibanez GAX70 with a Roland Cube 15X amp.

I want another guitar now, a better one, too.

I hear Schecter makes decent instruments, so when I first checked them out, I didnt like the look of Schecter bodies, but lately the look has been wearing on me, and especially once I found this one:


The hardware on that C-1 seems different than other C-1s Ive seen, and since I know next to nothing about Schecters, it'd be nice if someone who *does* could tell me what to look for.

However, Im also looking at an Ibanez RG4 and S520 and 320.

I hear the S series guitars are pretty good metal guitars. (which is what I primarily like to play)

Any opinions? Recommendations with a budget between 400 and 600 USD?

I would be open to looking at an ESP, too.
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I have a Schecter C-1+ which I like immensely, and it's nearly the same guitar. I would look used, though, if I were you because Schecters are widely available at half or less of the GC/Musiciansfriend price. Mine was $335 with a hardshell case and upgraded pups, for example.
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The only Schecter guitars worth playing now are the hellraiser, c-1 classic, and the hollywood. They used to make really good guitars, but over the last couple of years they have gone down in quality. If you go with a s520 change the pups. The stock ones SUCK!!!

Good Luck.
So I've narrowed it down to the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser and the Ibanez S520. Both are close in price.

I heard good things about both, and looks-aside, which one will play better? Is the Schecter only capable of "metal" tones? Is the S520's tremolo an issue for someone not experienced with locking bridges?