A family friend went out today and picked up this guitar for £100. Problem is we have no idea what it is and it has no visible brand markings (At the top it says 'WS'). I was wondering if any of you guys had any idea what it was.
Thanks In Advance (sorry about the size of the pictures).

No idea but looks like a PRS copy
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A bloody lovely one.
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It's a cheap PRS copy. I think it's cheap because the inlays are of a rubbish material (which is generally a good indicator) and other things just look a bit tacky. What's throwing me off a bit is that it's a set neck though. Maybe it is good? You tell us.
washburn maybe? ws?
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sure does have a SMALL heel compared to a real PRS...

def a type of copy, looks like a Roman Quicksilver kinda but that would be a lot more aesthetically pleasing... plus the humbuckers looks kinda meh.
looks like a washburn raped a PRS,
its probably a local brand we've got them around here, they suck
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Cort usually puts there name on their guitars. Looking at the pics it looks like a decent guitar I love the finish and shape it's just a little different than most guitars that shape. I have been buying selling and collecting guitars for 30 years and never saw one but it could be somethign sold over there and didn't get to the states.

Any idea how old it might be?
Did the case come with it?
How does it play and sound?
If and when you replace the strings check the underside of the pups and see what might be marked on them. The trem doesn't remind me of anything I have seen.

I'll pull out some of my old guitar magazines and see if there might be a clue to what the WS stands for.