I have about $350 (maybe 400) this christmas to get my first electric guitar, amp, and junk.

I've been playing acoustic like 2-3 years now and the whole time I've been looking online about guitars but I have only gotten to go to ONE shop before.

I'm left-handed and the closest guitar store is 16 miles away.

I had some ideas about what to get but I don't know specifics on some certain things
and I don't know much about amps. All I really need is a good amp, no special features really, that isn't one of those complete crap starters.

Options so far:

Agile AL 2000 LH

I've heard some good things about agile and these things I can afford.
But I was wondering HOW ARE THE TUNERS on this one and HOW THICK IS THE NECK? I have small hands and kinda long, scrawny boney fingers and I don't know how well I might fit my hands around this.

Agile TC630 LH

I really like the telecaster look and my favorite band did my favorite album on a tele, so does this thing sound like an actually tele or is it just aesthetic. Also how are the tuners and those 3-saddle bridges? How thich is the neck, too?

Ibanez GAX70L

I tried one at the store, it was alright. A nice neck. My friend has the exact same one though in right-handed...

I'm a little cautious about not getting to test a guitar before buying... what do you guys think?

And lastly, the amp. What's a good one for $50-100?

Any experience or advice would be much appreciated.

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If I were you, I'd just go to the store, and just play around a little with everything. You wanna find something comfortable if it's your first guitar. That's why I wouldn't get one without playing it first. Also if you get one from a store, they're usually good about returns, trade ins, and getting it fixed.
what type of music do you play? For $100, you can get a Peavey Vypyr 15, and for $125 a Roland Micro Cube. Both are very good starter amps for most genres. If you play metal, get the Cube

Nice job finding Agile, they're not a very well known brand but they do make quality low-end instruments. I wouldn't worry about the tuners.
save up a little more you can get a roland cube for an amp
as for a guitar ive heard agiles are really great guitar for the price
i second the cube, and how much are you willing to spend on a guitar?

if only a 200 get a squier or an agile or any of these fine instruments
a kramer pacer
esp ec-50
epi lp
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I haave a Cube 30 and i gotta say it is a great little practice/ first amp i really enjoy trying different pickups positions wit different distortions. You can really get some good tones.
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