I'm looking to buy another guitar. It should have 24 frets - emg 81's (don't really care about a neck pickup), easy to play (thin neck) preferably locking tuners and a fixed bridge. Neckthroughs and ebony fretboards are always nice.

The guitar will not be used in standard. Just various tunings right down to A standard which is why i want a fixed bridge. Im willing to spend up to $2000 Canadian

Some guitars i have looked at - Please comment if good

1)esp M-I NTB
2)schecter C1 Hellraiser (the $950 one)
3)ESP LTD MP-600 Michael Paget Electric Guitar

Also if anyone has a rough idea on the cost of changing a floyd rose bridge to a fixed one please tell me.

Please note I ONLY PLAY METAL.
I dont want a floyd rose either - too hard to change tunings from hwat i have heard
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look at the kevin bond signature, it's pretty sweet

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Yeah it looks very cool, Only problem is that it has only 22 frets and it doesn't have active pickups
Interesting, I can't imagine someone can ONLY PLAY METAL so you don't learn any outside genres? blues or jazz? ANYWAY i'd gun for a Loomis 7 ... they're awesome for the money. However the neck is a bit thick.

Infact.. go for an Ibanez Prestige, you can't go wrong.
Of your choices, I'd go with the hellraiser. It's great for metal, and has an option for an FR.
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I haven't found a good looking prestige without a floyd rose - i'm using this guitar in various tuning and from what i have heard it's not easy to switch tunings around with a floyd rose. For example going from d to b standard. If you know any models without a floyd and preferably active pickups that would be great
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