will it work at all or what will happen when I try to play it or has this never crossed anyone else's mind but mine
Don't do it.

Guitar amps aren't built to handle the low frequencies from a bass, so it will get fucked up.
me and my old band used this little practice amp that comes with those starter guitars u get from costco for vocals and also sometimes bass,

yeah we pretty much tortured that amp, it barley works at all anymore

so to answer ur question, no don't do it
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^what they said.

Its fine however, to play a guitar through a bass amp. The fender bassman is a great example.
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How many people have to post this question? I haven't been on UG that long but the amount of times people post this is amazing. I use the search feature before I post a question, It helps.

However yes, it will destroy the amp, If you want to know why, use the search feature

Not flaming, just outlining the benefits of searching.

Just buy a cheap bass amp, it will be much better, pick one up rather cheap if its second hand, good luck.
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What happens is that the guitar amp's speaker hits something called X-max, meaning it's moved as far as it can and can't go anymore, but the amp is trying to make it go further anyway to reproduce the low frequency, damaging the speaker in the process. The actual amplifier is fine, it's just the speaker that's the problem. You can use a guitar head with a bass cabinet, and it will be just fine.

A bass speaker is designed to move more, so it won't be damaged.
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I'm assuming you have a combo amp? or Head+Cabinets?
You could use guitar head with bass cabinets but i'm not sure about using a combo amp and adding bass cab because i assume it will still go through the combo amp which could damage it, i'm not sure.
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Ibanez RG350DX
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If you search the bass forum, you'll find this gets asked quite a bit.

Its a bad idea all round and the impact could range from a slight buzz to a full out smoking amp.

But you can play a guitar through a bass amp, no problem.