The Bends is IMO the best Radiohead album, and I came across a backingtrack for The Bends the other day. I found Radiohead tones on the Line 6 site and gave the song a shot. I thought it came out decent, but really wanted to add vocals. I then came across UG user tm1776 who also did some Radiohead covers. I thought the songs sounded great, and thought the vocal work was really good.

I got in touch with tm1776 who directed me to Alex Lindqvist who performed the vocals on his covers. Alex was kind enough to lend his talent to my cover as well. You can check out more of Alex's music at his MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/alexanderlindqvist . Thanks again to both Alex and tm1776 for helping out. Proof once again that this internet thing can be pretty cool

Radiohead Cover - The Bends