How many of you want to live in a big city when you finally get out into the real world or even right now?

What city is the most appealing to you?

Im liking philly NYC or LA atm but i have no idea really besides some major city
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Well to pursue career I'll most likely end up in, I'll need to be in N.Y or Chicago or something. But I'd like to live in Boston, too.
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Tokyo ftw!

Hmm, I agree. Tokyo or New York are pretty amazing cities, neither of which I've been to, so it'd be a real adventure.
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I had to move to the city for university, and I can't wait to get the hell out of it. Too many people...
Sydney or Paris. Both have a nice mix of old and new architecture and a decent night life.
i don't think i want to live in a big city. maybe in the suburbs of one.

if i had to live in a city, i'd probably want to live in Seattle.
I'm living on my own in the biggest Canadian city......so I guess I'm already there.
I'm going to a smaller city (certainly under 500k) partially out of principle. Huge cities are expensive, crowded, and usually dirty--if you want to throw LA and NYC there. People will romanticise less and less about these cities over the next few decades and see that there's plenty offered in terms of culture and economic opportunity in every region regardless of population density. Granted most folks actually commute from one suburb to another to earn their living--kind of a silly by product of the metropolitan areas you've listed.
I would hate living in the city. I am close to Philly and I can not stand it. It is incredibly dirty
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I'd rather live in Hell than spend another year in my tiny town.

Agreed im so damn sick of this place, theres really just nothing to do
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if i had to live in a city, i'd probably want to live in Seattle.

Seattle would be my choice as well.

As it stands though, I'm happy livin' in the suburbs of good old KC. It's a nice place to live.
I lived out in the country till 3.5 yrs ago, when I moved to Glasgow for uni. I like living in the city, great social life etc, but its nice to go to the countryside every now and then to get away from all the noise and concrete. I can see myself living in a city until I turn 40 or something. Either way, I'd like to retire in the country.
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Tokyo ftw!

probably expensive though

BUT japan ftw