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I'd like to thank rabidguitarist for doing pretty much all the work on this album. He received all the tracks, mastered them, and chose the track-listing. Hell, he even did the album artwork. You should all thank him when you post, which will hopefully give him a big enough ego boost to prevent him from killing himself in the near future. Not that he's prone to suicide, but we can never be too careful. In fact, you'd better thank yourselves while you're at it.

As it is with special projects, there's significantly less material to work with. We've only got 12 tracks on this album, two of them being intros and outros. That's about all I can tell you about this thing, as I've only just gotten it from Rabid.

Here ya go:

Happy Holidays

edit - Oh, and look forward to a new UG Original Album in the very near future; I seem to have gotten a boost of enthusiasm from the release of this thing.
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downloading right now. Thanks Rabid!!! We all love you!
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Can you put the tracklist up so we can see?
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Ahhhh download is taking forever. Can't wait.

EDIT: I'm getting some static on the first track, but it's faint. This stuff's great.
I'm loving the album artwork.
"Filled to the brim with Christmas Win"

Just finished listening to the entire thing. I'm impressed. I'm more than impressed, I'm damn amazed. That outro medly was sick.
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1st page.
Well done rabid
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Downloading now
well done rabid.. you sexy beast.. I'll download tomorrow.. I'm going to bedz nowz
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I love your voice John, on "Fairytale of New York".

Great job guys!
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Downloading now, amazing work Rabid, suicide isn't the answer though! :')

Edit: Woot first page, and the music sounds amazing guys.
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First Page. Downloading. Thanks Rabid!

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Fairytale of New York is awesome.

that's all i listened to so far since i just downloaded it. i had to listen to that song first since its awesome.
Aww my mom didnt get to sing in it

EDIT: oh and kick ass Rabid, congrats to you and thanks a ton

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Sounding good so far
where can i get the other ug albums?
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Thank you rabidguitarist

You guys did great work on this one. Looking forward to another original album!
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nice one, i wanted to record something before realising I didn't take any cables, mikes or gear when I moved out
Came out pretty good. Thanks Rab. Great job on your tracks.

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Thanks Glens!
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I just asked a guestion regarding a music store myth and my thread turns into a discussion about titfucking bagged milk.

downloading now
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Just finished listening. I loved Xiaoxi's contribution. Fairytale Of New York was great! And RPGoof's Jingle Bells was fucking br00tal!

Also, great job on the album art
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