Hi, I am thinking about purchasing this amp:

But before i do i was just looking for your opinions of it. I play alot of classic rock, blues, and jam stuff ( The dead, Phish, allman bros, blind melon, etc.) so keep that in mind. I would appreciate if you let me know what you thought in terms of price, tone, quality, and anything alse you have to say.

Thanks alot for any help in advance. =]
apparently the goldline has some reliability issues.
i'd go with an ashdown like the MAG series they're more affordable and more reliable.
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I played that half stack at guitar center and it really impressed me. If you want a GK tone, it has it.
well i was originally planning on buying a MAG 300 4x10 but i found out that its only 180 watts without an extension cab and i need at least 300 watts
You don't necessarily need 300W...you just need enough combined wattage and air-pushing power to be loud enough. I'd go for an Acoustic B200 and a B410/B115 stack. That should be plenty.
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it SHOULD be plenty but id rather be safe and not buy an amp that isnt loud enough for my gigs
The GK is great. My church has had a Goldline speaker for years, and it's withstood many different heads of many different wattages, so it should be great with a head of its own series.
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the cabinet is great. i played it with the GK 700RB II and it was spectacular. covered any genre. ive heard good things about the head also, and for the price its hard to beat i think.
Hey I'm sorry, this will be a little off topic but it is GK related.

Has anyone tried out the GK-Fusion head??

I'm very interested in hearing reviews as I have not had the chance to try it out yet.

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i dont think its out yet. musiciansfriend.com has pre-orders out. they have it in stock january 12th. looks beefy though