So, without thinking, I agreed to play an acoustic show next week with a couple friends. Me and a buddy on guitar, and another singing. The problem is we have no songs to play. I figured it would be easy to cover a few songs and play a few I wrote. But it is proving to be a harder task than I thought choosing songs to cover as my buddy is significantly worse on guitar than me and our singer won't sing the songs we wanted. So I need some good acoustic songs with two guitars, one of them being fairly easy to play, and I need them fast. ?
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Come out on stage and play the first couple notes of a song. Then have the singer throw a fit and refuse to play. It works for Axl Rose.
play any song by the goo goo dolls. simple man by lynyrd skynyrd? nothing else matters or the unforgiven by metallica?
Beatles - Something.

Or Octopus's garden if you haven't got talent ^^