I'm trying to import a MIDI, but it wont upload the percussion.

Is it possible to import the percussion?
If so, how?
Maybe you muted the percussion track? It's happened to me before when I exported midi b/c it turns out I muted a track which obv. didn't show up in the midi version. Just went back into the gp file, unmuted, then re-exported the midi and was good to go.

Other than that I'm not sure why it wouldn't show up in the midi
you've got it backwards. he's importing not exporting a midi.

but do you seriously think that it could know what the drums are doing? it's not like it can sense the pitch of a bass drum hit or anything. I'd say it's incapable and there's actually nothing wrong with the software.

however, this assumption could very well be wrong.
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yes it is possible done it my self, what i have found is that for some reasion when ever i import a midi in to GP my sound card SW sinth volume is turned down to zero, so try clicking on the little speaker near the clock on the start bar and just turn it up. if not no idea what ur doing wrong, it sound be as easy as File>import>midi>follow instrustions> done

cheer james