on behalf of my brother (who plays bass) :

his Fender Am Deluxe Precision Bass is broken the 3rd time in two years
the guitar center people said it was a faulty circuit board

any suggestions on fixing circuit boards or any causes for repeated problems?
whats the actual problem, like whats wrong with the circuit board? does it just not work?
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i would say contact fender but it's most likely the manufacturers warranty expired.
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faulty circuit board?! unless this bass has got active electronics, usually basses don't have circuit boards! active electronics meaning it takes a battery and such.

usually higher end basses have active electronics (circuit boards)
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It's an active-EQ bass according to the Fender website. Also the limited Fender warranty only covers electronic components for 1 year from date of purchase, so in that respect you're ****ed. Best bets I think if you don't know anything about the circuitboard would be to show it to someone who does or try to buy a replacement.
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