Ok I have this old guitar i got from my uncle (Electra X90 yea...OLD). So anyways I took out the bridge pickup because it wasnt working. Christ mas is coming up and i was thinking about getting a new one my only problem I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO INSTALL THEM.

Also when I was removing it I cut ALL the wires in the bridge position Pickup hole so would tht mess me up?
Also it would help if you could recommend a good Bridge pickup under $50-$60.
just heat up the solder on the two wires and take them out, then wire the two new wire in (or 4) theres heaps of wiring diagrams on the net, from Guitar Electronics and Seymour Duncan
that link doesnt work, and i do have a myspace.
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Back view Gray wire One i cut goes 2 Bridge pickup

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner.FAMILYCOMPUTER\Desktop\100_0652.jpg
Closer pic

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner.FAMILYCOMPUTER\Desktop\100_0652.jpg
Over Top veiw yellow wire goes to neck pick up
just the wires that you cut...
get a wiring diagram and wire it up....

those pics dont work either... get a photobucket account and upload them onto that...
There aren't any descriptions, but anywho. Whatever wires were attached to the pickup you took out need to be de-soldered from the potentiometers. Then just get your new pickup (I suggest something from GFS(Guitar Fetish) ) and solder it up using a diagram from the seymour duncan website.

Edit: Also, I can't really tell from the pictures but you shouldn't ever cut any wire that's attached to a pickup, especially not on the pickup end. If you ever need to take a pickup out simply de-solder it from the potentiometers to remove it so that down the road if you want to re-use/sell/whatever the pickup you can. Technically if you cut the wire short on the pot side of the wire you could splice another wire onto the existing one to make it longer, but it's not as clean a job.
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