Up for sale is the following:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe: 40 watt tube amp from fender. Has two channels, clean and drive. Awsome vintage like cleans, and good warm overdrive. Has plenty of power for any small to medium size gig. Great condition no scuffs or dings, Like new.

Ibanez TS-808 Reissue: Ibanez vintage 808 tube screamer reissue overdrive pedal. Great warm sounding overdrive, can really nail that classic SRV tone. Comes with 9v adapter. Pristine condition.

Maxon TS-808: Maxon 808 tube screamer overdrive pedal. Great sounding overdrive, with a little more of a modern bite to it. Can get any Classic Rock or Blues tone your looking for, in awsome condition. Powered by 9v battery.

Boss RC-2 Loop Pedal: The loop pedal from boss, works great, and is fun to play around with. Comes with numerous drum beats to program into your loop, and 11 different slots to save your loop to. Can record a loop up to 16 minutes long. Powered by 9v battery. In like new condition

Any questions about the gear, or offers just shoot me an e-mail at usmc-93@sbcglobal.net

Thanks for looking
interested in the loop...no cash though... if it's still up i might snag it after christmas
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ok thank you for looking, shoot me a pm or an e-mail if youd like to talk more about it or if you want pictures.
not interested in any trades are you?
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I'd totally go for the hot rod deluxe if I had the money. Ah well. Free bump for an awesome amp.
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but you're only selling it for 4 dollars less than what I can buy it new for.

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