okay.. i have to make a project.. its called the great egg drop.. and i have to build a container for the egg out of the following materials:
20 wooden splints (they are very thin)
10 drinking straws
5 rubber bands
1 piece of copy paper
100 cm of masking tape.

obviously i have to drop it and have it NOT break.. can you guys PLEASE give me an idea or a suggestion of what to do?
when i did that in school, almost everyone thought about it long and hard, and eventually came up with some complicated contraption. Another group just taped/glued everything together in a huge mess.
The latter group was the only one to have their egg in tact.
How far does it have to drop?

EDIT: Cause if it's like 2m, just cut the masking tap in half length wise and attach it to your egg.
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Sounds like your gonna eggxecute an eggxecution.

Fuck the contest and just eat the damn egg! Some people would kill to have that egg