Well, I recently traded my Peavey Classic 30 for the Carvin X100B(not sure about which model but it's probably 80's) and a 2-12 cabinet what do you guys think of my trade(good or bad)? What tubes should I put on it for a better sound?(It has the factory EL34 and 12AX7) Thanks.
I just got back from playing one at a guitar shop for 45 minutes or so. Will probably pick it up pretty soon as the price is right. They sound amazing and practically play themselves, really cool tones.
Wait. you think it's from the 80's and it has the stock tubes yet? if true that's crazy.

I suggest you get JJ EL34's and 12ax7's for a direct replacement for now. later you can decide if you want to change things up according to how it sounds like that.
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