Hey, im gonna order myself a peavey valveking 212 before christmas

Thing is, i know the speakers are the weak point of the amp and i will want to change them asap. I love warm heavy tones, anything from wylde or dime, to buckethead.

I know nothing about amp modifications as im 17 and spent most of the past 3 years learning how to play. I want to know if anyone can recommend me great speakers that can help me achieve the desired tones and feel?

I would like as many views and opinios as possible. Thanks in advance!

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You'd be much better off posting this in gear building and customizing, they'll give you more and better answers in there.
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Well my first bit of advise is to not get the Valveking.

Get a Bugera, or a Peavey 5150 or something else along those lines.

Trust me...
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