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I plan on buying an American Strat in the near future, but I have a dilemma. Do I get an HSS or SSS configuration. Any input would be nice.

edit: I play, blues, classic rock, alt-rock, maybe some reaggae, ska/punk. I don't play anything too heavy, maybe a Metallica song here or there at most.
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what kind of music do you play, or what kind of tone are you after?
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i think everybody questions this when they buy a strat, i know i did.

what do you play? is the main question, do you really need a humbucker??
I was in the same spot as you when I was looking for a strat, it basically came down to the genres of music that I wanted to play (not that a good single coil witha peddle can't play them as well). I went with the HSS, don't regret it at all.

Sounds nice playing Metallica and what not. Main thing is though, do you like the sound of the Humbucker over the Single coil (O.o)

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I say go with the HSS it gives you more versatility in sounds. I never use the bridge pickup when I play SSS strats simply because the strattiest tones come from the middle and neck pickup.

(PS when you take the pickguard off of a lot of the good SSS strats there's enough room cut out to put in a humbucker you'd just have to get a new pickguard)
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Get a Swineshead A.M.P. humbucker and have a coil tap switch or push/pull pot. Now you've got both a true bridge humbucker and a true bridge single coil.
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