Hey guys, literally just made an account because not that many people at school know much about guitars.

I was interested in a new acoustic for Christmas, and i need some ideas.

I'm currently leaning for the Alvarez RD-8c, which is an acoustic electric dreadnought with dot inlays, mahogany sides and back, with a select spruce top and runs for 350 on musicians friend. The only problem i have with it (I've already played it at a music store and i love the sound) is that it doesnt have that awesome inlay some alvarez acoustics have at the twelth fret (a diagonal bar with a diamond in the middle).

I want to stay in the 350-400 dollar range or maybe lower. I want a dreadnought because they usually have a more full sound. Any ideas would help.

Like I've already said, im new hear so sorry if this post sounds uneducated. Im more knowledgable in electrics.
an Alvarez is a nice guitar

if it feels good and sounds good, don't worry about the lack of cool fret inlay
The fret inlay is by no means a priority above quality and sound, but im just saying...