alright, so i have a 2x12 SS combo, and im looking
to buy a 2x12 extension cab for it, i have one in
mind, but the impedances don't match up.
the combo is 4 ohms, and the cab runs either
16ohms mono, or 8 stereo. Im an impedance n00b,
so can somebody please explain
A) will this work?
b) will it have any side effects?
c) any other affordable ($300-$500) 2x12 cabs that run 4 ohms?

thank you.
If it's SS you'll be fine as long as the impedance is higher than the amps. Note, the amps speakers probably won't work with a cab plugged in and it wouldn't be any louder anyways.

If you have that kind of money to spend, I'd just get a new amp since that crate isn't that great. If you like it more power to you, but don't waste your money on a cab.
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