I bought a Jackson dk2m and it's my first guitar with a trem. So my question is... what's the point of cutting off the ball point ends of the strings and having to clamp\lock them at the bridge? I dont see the point of that system. Look at a vintage trem, you just slide the strings through the slot and the ball end keeps it place.
Not sure.... I think it helps with the fine tuners (those little knobs on the bridge)....

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well the point of that would be to be able to go down and up on the bar as opposed to the former which would be just going down
so you can raise or lower it
When I had my Ibenez with the locking bridge, I just put the ball end through the tuning pegs at the headstock and then cut the ends off at the bridge for length. I could change strings that way in about 5 minutes tops.

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Not sure at all, but I think because the way the balls slide in usually (wow that was awkwardly worded) allows the ball to slide out when the strings are slackened, so they decided to have it clamp. Cutting it off is probably just a matter of less to worry about with the fine tuners (as therudycometh said) and probably easier to hold the string down. If you look at the trem, the string is held in simply by a block, so the ball ends would require that to be molded to fit the balls...I guess. To tell the truth, this is entirely conjecture.
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