I Wrote​ this song but havnt​ named​ it so

A. shoul​d I Take somet​hing outta​ the Lyric​s like Usual​


B. Just Somet​hing else that has nothi​ng to do with it. like Smell​s like teen spiri​t


F. Other​ & elaborate

if this helps and you just wanna give me a name, these are the lyrics

To wake with a good morning and sleep with a good night
theres a kiss in the air for you...
Well I cant sleep unless i know your safe
and I picture the worst
What kinds of burden do i bear
with such awful thoughts
That lye behind these glistening eyes
I've made the mistake
of saying love too many times before
but i care about you too much
to shut my eyes and let you go
just let me know your safe
thats all i ask
lift these demons off my shoulders

This is what its about:
I realize it sounds kinda emo and Im not too proud of that casue this is metal but the point is late at night when I dont know where my girl is,(ex chick wouldN'T call & she used to party and I didnt at the time) so I got scared and thought horrible thoughts. Just like parents get scared when they dont know where their children are. Maybe you've gone through this too like is a younger sibling gets lost or something.... NEway, so what should I name it
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Read the rules on titles dude. Can't have anything extra, just the title and genre. If you don't know a title, put only "Untitled", and ask for some help in the post itself.