The Lime bag was better. You shut up.
My Old Progressive Metal Band:
For fans of Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Cynic.

My New Progressive Rock/Djent Band:
Wings Denied
For fans of Deftones, Tesseract, Periphery, Karnivool, Cynic.
Is this supposed to be a parody of "RIP Dime"? You could have at least picked something that rhymed..
..I'm getting reaallly tired of these trolls.

Can't you AT LEAST come up with something funny??
---name pending?--

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No. Everybody dies. And one day, given that your relationship doesn't crash and burn like so many do, one of you will end up deep in sorrow while watching the other one die.

I sued Delta Airlines, 'cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey, I went there, and it SUCKED.
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Troooooooooolllllllllll in the dungeon

Thought you'd oughta know.

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Sir, I love you.

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Now with 20 percent more Allah!!!

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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.