Acoustic Guitar Alvarez Artist Series AD60K Dao

Asking $250

This is my year old Alvarez guitar. It has great low action and is a pleasure to play. The picture does not do it justice. Sweet setup and just a
great sounding guitar. I am moving up in class to a Martin. The guitar comes with a planet waves strap and the case that is pictured. Here are some qoutes
on this guitar

Gorgeous Dao on the top, back, and sides.

Dao provides a crisp, bright tone as well as astounding looks. White pearl inlays make the visuals even sweeter while die-cast tuners keep the tuning solid.

Alvarez Artist Series AD60K Dao Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Features:

* Dao top
* Dao back and sides
* Die-cast tuners

I'm going to echo everyone has said about this guitar. AMAZING! I bought this guitar used 6 months ago and now the guitar is 5 years old and the tone is smoother and more defined than some of the new ones I have played recenly. Just wait for this one to get older Posted by Anonymous Musician from Denver on May 27, 2008

to be honest, i have had very little expierence with guitars. but i couldn't ask for anything more from this one. love it, absolutely gorgeous, and it sounds fantastic. A++ in my book
Posted by berning_jack from Goodfellow AFB, TX on Nov 15, 2007
nice, im currently considering it but I want a acoustic electric with a cutaway for upper frets.
you say it comes wiht the case pictured, I don't see a case.... Are you taking offers and what is shipping to 84511?