So ive been playing guitar for a while now and recently got a PRS SE Custom. I chose this over an Epi LP cause i figured the SE was better value. I was right. But looking into future guitars, I am unsure what to save up for, either stick with PRS, and get a $1500 Mira, or take a Gibson road and save up $2200 for an LP traditional gold-top. I play a bit of everything, mostly lead, ranging from some grunge/punk/alt to some Zep to some RATM and even venturing into some metal. What would you suggest as a good everything players axe?
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Have you heard the phrase "its not the bike, its the rider" same goes along with guitar... its all oppinions no fact. The only real fact is, if you're happy with the sound of the guitar.. guitars are made for music not to be bought because they look pretty. Although its nice to look at to bring a hot date home.. but to get her into bed is an amazing song.
The PRS will have a better range of sounds. But the LP will have that unmistakable Gibson tone. Depends what you want.

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id say prs. im saving college graduation money for one. custom 22.... o yeah!!
Lol, hope that made sence. Btw, prs is pretty cool. Get well-rounded though, get into stuff you're unfamiliar with.

P.s. if you have any other questions feel free to pm me.
PRS. Definately. Gibson makes good guitars, but Paul Reed Smiths offer more options, and the necks are thinner and have better fret access than Gibsons. Lots of Paul Reed Smiths come with tremolos, and Gibson rarely offers any sort of tremolo. Gibsons, while they have good sound, the Gibson sound is very inversatile, and this is coming from someone who owns 2 Gibbys. Stick with PRS man.
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i personally prefer gibson but i would recomend playing both and seeing which you prefer
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