In the last few days i have been told that i have been sent messages, but on my phone i dont have them. I have been sitting next to my amp which has been turned on at the time these messages were sent. I have noticed that when i get a message the amp makes funny beeping noises, could there be any possiblity that the amp is causing interference to my mobile phone and preventing me from sending/ recieving messages. The amp is pretty old btw.
Idk, My amp always makes a beeping noise when i get texts too but its never been interrupted...
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actually that is exactly what's happening good job. A TV or radio could do the same thing.
I was at my friends playing, I had the amp loud and it picked up a radio signal. So I would guess mobile phone interruption is possible.
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I walked into my room the other day and my amp talked to me. I live in rural West Virginia, so there are two coal mines within walking distance of my house. I walked into my room and heard "I'll bring a dozer up for ya, J.J." clear as f***ing day. It was wierd.
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Possibly, my phone sucks anyways and I always get interference with speakers.
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