I am a guitarist who who like to get a bass guitar so i can play with friends, and playing bass has always interested me.

Usually I only play acoustic songs on my guitar and would like to get an acoustic bass to go with my guitar. Are there any good, cheap acoustic bass guitars?
i have an ibanez aeb30 i enjoy it but a lot of people say that their is no such thing as a good cheap acoustic bass cause all the good ones cost over 1000. sorry for the mixed info.
Volume is always an issue with an acoustic bass. It will easily be drowned out if you play with an acoustic guitar.

My suggestion is just get an electric and a small amp. Maybe some flatwound strings.
thanks, i heard the same thing about there being no good cheap ones, I head that their all too quiet
There are a few loud ones, but exactly which ones they are is a much debated topic...the Tacoma Thunderchief and its cheaper sibling are the only ones that are really agreed upon. There are quite a few more that can hold their own, though. I'd say go for a Roland Mobile Cube and a bass of your choice.

What's your budget, by the way?
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i have an ibenez acoustic-electric guitar
i havent got it yet, cuz im getting it re strung before i picked it up, but i jammed with my friends playing a couple time, cost me 375$, and its worth every penny, it does the job acousticly, get it, its amazing...