hi, i would like to know what is this guitar, i know it's a fender. not a jaguar, not a jazzmaster, not a tele, not a strat, not tornado...... i really want to know what this guitar is .......

here's the link






looks like a fender jagstang or whatever it was. kurt cobain's creation, discontinued fender model but i think theres a squier one. and theres ebay.

edit: jagstang = combination of a jaguar and a mustang.
first one is a LP custom

2nd is a jagstang.
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it's definetely not a jastand........ not the same shape, pickup, the pickup switch is not a the same place, theres a lot more knob on the jadstand....so it's definetely not a jagstand...go on google and search Jagstand and you'll notice the difference
I was wrong earlier.

It's a Fender JAZZMASTER

Mike Einziger of Incubus plays one
I dont think its a jazzmaster either....

Now that I've seen the first pic it looks more like a Fender Tornado.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
it looks like a jazzmaster, and a tornado, but it not this, the jack input is on the bottom, not on the pickguard, there's only 2 knob. bridge humbucker, neck phat-cat sph90. and the pickup switch at the same spot then a lespaul.....
I think the second one could potentially be squire jagmaster with a fender neck on it. I could be wrong but it looks quite similar.
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it's not a jagmaster. ib the jagmaster, the input jack is on the pickguard, but in the ''unknown'' guitar, the guitar is at the ''bottom'' on the side if you preffer........ and for the Special Adition JAguar, it's totally not a Baritone guitar, and the pickup switch + input jack, the not at the right spot too......