Is there a way to mod your crybaby so it doesn't provide the 15 - 16dB volume boost?
i don't have the volume control like the 535Q, the classic has no outside knobs or controls, curious as to if there is a volume mod like how you can adjust the sweep of the way by moving the teeth on the pot.
any help or links to DIY mods would be highly appreciated.
put an eq after it and cut it? just a danelectro fish and chips would do

or change some values /remove the boost
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yeh but i didnt want to have to turn on and off another pedal everytime i use the wah. so i wanted to know if i can change any resistors to give me LESS volume, as opposed to people changing the resistors to give MORE volume. say from the 60K odd one to 40K something one. that increases volume, was curious as to taking the 60k one and putting in a 100k wud that reduce volume?