Ok, my new, beloved Strat (MIM) has this weird issue for a while, and I seem to notice it now again. Im trying to learn to let little issues go, but Id like the peace of mind to know whats causing this. When I bend real sharp on the high E string, there is a pretty high pitched (unplugged) squeel, like metal on metal. Now, this sometimes is fixed with a new pack of strings, but I asked someone I know, and he said it might be a high fret. If so, what kind of job (once I get the money, long time from now) will my strat be looking at?
Arctic white is the best colour ^^

Ok so it's only happening for a while but didn't happen before? Then its cause must be something to do with wear/tear... and since it's only with bends its most likely the frets, yea

fret leveling job cost really depends on who performs it. ask your local dealer/tech
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