Alright this summer I was going to buy a portable amp that I could take downtown and other places and play on the street as well as have it to play around campus next year when I go to college. So I saw the DA5 and I think it is awesome. WIth 11 amp models and a input for a guitar and a mic it seems like the right portable amp for me. But the only question I had about it is how long the battery life on it is?
Really, no response yet? Wow. Will someone please answer this? I want to know for almost exactly the same reason he does/did. Please tell us/me.
mine lasts about 3 hours. plenty of time to jam out. and i don't even buy the best batteries.
I have the thing. Never tried it with batteries though. It has three power modes, so you can make it last longer with them but I'm not sure how well the lower power levels do for outdoors playing.
That amp is awesome, I should have bought it. Not a useful response I know, sorry
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