can anyone help me learn how to fingerpick pieces like this?i know the PIMA basics and how if there are 2 notes you pluck with thumb and picky... but this seems advanced... i dont know much about fingerpicking.
can anyone tell me what like, the circles mean on the paper and how do you actually play it properly, how to mute a string thats within a chord... etc? I want to learn this piece.
i want to understand the method and technique of fignerpicking...

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weird, didnt know anyone cared enough to learn a theme song from a gay game like this
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weird, didnt know anyone cared enough to learn a theme song from a gay game like this

care telling me how to understand the sheet and play it?
final fantasy music is awesome.

and to mute a string in a chord...just use the nearest finger to rest on whichever string needs to be muted...so like if you're holding a note on the A string and need to mute the g string, just bend that finger a bit so its resting on the G string as well.

and yeah....just keep practicing. it will get easier....finger picking is driving me crazy as well
I own the same one, ok here is how it goes, All the ones that seem beside each other are actually played at the same time. You can look up above the tab to the notes to see they line up. Next the circles mean 'let ring' as in they sound as long as they can. If you got this you will love Chrono Cross Music Tab. I own both of these and am going to start doing them on Youtube soon. Don't get discouraged, its way fun. Im a fingerpicker and i've only started one year ago but i can play these pieces just fine.
Just curious, where did you get the music sheet from? Any chance of sending it?

And to Xaxu, would you have the Chrono Trigger Music tabs? I really loved the music from that


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