I'm tempted to buy this Lamb of God guitar book but am unsure on how accurate it will be. Are the books usually 100% correct?
no, they are transcribed by people who do it for companies and whatever. but it should sound like the recording none the less
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dont count on it, the master pf puppets books has some strange **** in it, almost impossible to play, there were note transcribed like 10 frets from each other!
They're no more or less accurate than the decent tabs you'll find on a site like this. There are a few notable exceptions, though. Dream Theater books are sometimes transcribed with the help of John Petrucci, and the Between The Buried And Me "Colors" tab book I bought was completely transcribed by Paul Wagonner. But for the most part, they do have a few notable mistakes and such, but you gotta remember that 1) these are professionals that make a good living off of transcribing guitar parts (unlike those noobs who think they're funny posting three notes of a song on this website and thinking we'll eat it up), and 2) they're presented in a format that's much better to read and learn from than any tab on this site. As well, tab books are almost always complete tabs, so you don't get your hopes up only to find that the tab doesn't feature the solo or something like that. They're not that stupid :P

So to all those people who deplore buying tab books because "they're not accurate!!!!!!", well... can you truly say the same thing about the tabs you find on sites like this? No. The only difference is that you're paying for something that was transcribed professionally (which by all means should make it more accurate, because these are people who are making money doing this. I'm sure none of them would like to get fired for being lazy jerks :P), and packaged in a professional manner.
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I find tab books to be much more useful, but I try to get ones with both the sheet music and the tabs in them, cause the sheet music is much more effective at telling you when to play the note, and not just what note to play. Also, these books are much easier to read than an internet tab. The way bends and slides are written out especially. But make sure you get one that has every note written down. I haven't seen it, but I've been told that some books just give you the framework of the solos, and not the actual solos.
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the ones that you can guarantee are 100% correct are the ones that are probably 100% correct on this site. ie, dont go out buying green day tab books because tabs on this site will be the same and therefore itll be a waste of money (im not bashing green day here)

the ones that you would go out and buy (tabs with difficult solos etc) more than likely wont be 100% correct, but will be pretty close. but again, if its a well known song, theres more than likely an equally good tab here. but like someone said, tab books to sometimes tend to go for the impossible... ie i have an a7x tab book which, in one of the solos, goes from like the 12th fret to the 22nd fret (or something similar) in the space of a semi-demi-quaver.

personally, i prefer guitar pro versions of songs, this way you can hear how the guitar should sound without anything else playing, and also what the guitar is playing.
Well honestly, I learned basically the whole Ashes of the Wake album by using powertabs and text tabs on this site, but I usually write my own tabs. The tabs here really aren't too bad, and the rating system helps a ton.