without considering cost. what boutique amp would you get?
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I don't know what you mean by boutique amp, but I really like Soldanos.
boutique amps like bogner, orange, framus, engl, egnater,diamond, diezel,etc. and yes soldiano qualifies as a boutique amp.

i'm not sure what makes an amp boutique but usually they're over $1000 and all tube
(and made in europe lol)
A bogner uberschall if you want tighter gain but if you want the crispy gain the Mesa Dual Rectifier.
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The Uberschall has tremendous low end response. It crushes. I'm currently paying one off right now that I managed to find for only $2000. My Carvin 727 sounds AMAZING through it. I'd love to save up and get an Orange Thunderverb, though. After seeing Boris live recently, it only solidified in my mind how bad ass they are for doom/stoner metal.
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without considering cost at all which current boutique amp is best.

There is no best, it's all preference.
Diezel or Bogner
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Soldano SLO-100 or an EVH 5150III.
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I've got major GAS for an Uberschall. Realistically, I'll probably end up selling off my Legacy and buying a Splawn Quickrod.
what makes an amp boutique realy?
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^ They're usually much more specialized, and have a smaller production run than big-name amps. Also, the makers are much more involved in the assembly process, and more attention is paid to the amp overall during construction.

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cornford probably
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VHT no doubt.

I don't really like diezel - they really accentuate my lil mistakes
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I'd much rather get a vintage amp then a boutiqe amp.

But if I had to choose a boutiqe amp it would be a Budda. Having that much money though I'd much rather spend it on a 60s Blackface or AC30.