I'v been keeping an eye out of them for a while but they seemed to be sold out or something? Anyone know where I could go to find one available?
I see a 2008 on eBay and a 2005 on seattle craigslist. I am curious about them and there is an article on UG that this dude wrote a great review of the axe. I figure at @900 if it's been setup already, might be worth it.

I heard that EP is using green wood and the quality is plummeting so perhaps 80's and 90's might be far preferable.

The gold top is so damn sexy, hard to resisit at any age!

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**** that
if tony iommi dont play one i dont want one lol
nah kiddin
you could perhaps consider a tokai there arounsd the same price and jusat as good if not better
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Quote by steve!

you could perhaps consider a tokai there arounsd the same price and jusat as good if not better
Yes and no. The Japanese-made Tokais are around the same quality but they tend to cost a bit more than the Elitists did. That was the beauty of the Elitists; they were horrendously under-priced despite being owned and made by Gibson, the kings of price hikes.

I mean it might be different in other countries, but here in the UK a Japanese-made Tokai the quality of an Elitist or Gibson Standard costs £1250, which okay is better than £1800 for a Gibson LP Standard but not as good as the Elitists which used to be around £800.
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I thought some Elitists where still available in Warehoused sellers like MusiciansFriend or Yorkville! I've got two, a 57'Gold Top and a LP PLus because after getting the Gold Top I was so impressed with it I was afraid they wouldn't be available due to too much competition with Gibson! Turns out I was right but a couple of years too soon in my prediction.
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I'm pretty sure there's still a few floating around somewhere in stores. Even though Epiphone stopped distributing them, some stores might still carry inventory. I'm not sure if you'd be able to pick this one up, as you reside in the U.S. www.lamusic.ca still has some in inventory, I think. The Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom is still listed on their website, but that could be just from lack of updates, so don't get your hopes up.

EDIT: Here's the direct link. http://lamusic.ca/default.asp?szNav=Product&PID=183
After further observation, it appears they do ship to the US and Europe. So good luck.
These Epis are a great buy; they play well, are slightly lighter (Not sure) and are reliable. You lucky duck.
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