Hi, I am looking to start or join a band. I am wanting to get in a band that ranges from an Iron Maiden to Metallica style. I have written a few songs that you can find on youtube. My page: http://youtube.com/christiandavisky

Anyways, where am I exactly? Ashland, Kentucky. Anyone who lives around like Huntington, WVA, Grayson, KY, Ironton, Oh, or some other place around, I'd like to meet up some time.

Vocals: Not into screaming or growling much, but more so a clean high vocalist such as Bruce Dickinson's style, and as I said ranging up to Metallica, like a James Hetfield style.

I'm not sure what else to say. I've been playing two years and have high aspirations, 15 years old, and I ****ing love heavy metal and rock n roll... so give me a post.

First post btw..

Forgot to add this last night:
Looking for...

Vocalist, explained style above
2nd Lead Guitarist
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