Sorry, if this is the wrong forum, but I am wondering if Marshall MG's are any good? I have heard from one friend, they aren't great. Now, that same friend told me the Epiphone SG G-400 was a good guitar. So I am wondering what are your experience with them?
i have a MG 15DFX and i like it, also i have the Epiphone G-400 and it's a great guitar but its not for me, so im selling it soon
MG's are decent practice amps, just don't get the Half-Stack, or gig with them.
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If you're going to get an MG, get a small one like the 10 or 15 watt. There's better for the money, though.

I think mine is deteriorating, i have an MG30DFX, but the volume dips down drastically after a while now. Anyone else have a smiliar problem?
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I have an MG amp, and I would say do not get one. The epi guitar is a good investment though.
Get a Peavey Vypyr, or Roland Cube. They are the best two modeling amps, and sound much better than any MG.

Vox VT are good too.
I have a Marshall Valvestate 2000 that I use for practice and performances. The wattage is 50. It's pretty good, I am just looking for something I can afford after I get a job in a few months and can get a good sound and good quality for practice and live. I'll check out the accessories forum.
Oh ok, so your not just looking for a cheapy then... Traynor makes some nice versatile amps. Check some of them out.
MG`s are alright amps but ya don`t buy the half stack, i have a MG10 KK it`s cool sounds alright from low to just under 1/2 way on the volume but really starts sounding bad at 1/2 and above, the speaker isn`t big enuff to handle it.

my nephew has the MG30 and it`s alot better then the MG 10 but if you have 600 to spend on a amp i`d be looking into a Marshall DSL combo or a JCM600 or something.
Thanks everyone for the advice. I've been looking at a few different amps already. The Rollan RG150 seems pretty nice.