Hey fellow UGer's, Im new pickups for my ESP M-I hss. I dislike the stock ESP pickups in this guitar. I looking for pickups that can produce a thick, syrupy & with great mids. I'd prefer that pickups to clean up nicely wen rolling back the volume. I guess with this guitar I'll be mainly playing rock, hard rock & metal. The pickup dont have to be high output, but if they are its kool, my amp has enough gain. I would really appreciate the help my friends could recomend me pickups for HSS configuration

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i was looking at a youtube vid a guy had EMG`s in his strat sounded nice he had the new 81TW or whatever it`s called in the bridge, the coil tap one

found it:


look in his vids he also has a vid of clean stuff too
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my rythym guitarist in my goth metal band has this setup on his Soloist.

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What amp are you using?
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i'd get a livewire in the bridge.
and then two SA single coil EMGs, the ones david gilmour used, for the bridge and neck.
but definitely go for the livewire, best active pickup IMO.
or if you want to get fancy, but expensive, you could get a bareknuckle warpig for the bridge.
Budget? If high, get Bare Knuckles. Amazing.
Nailbomb or Miracle Man bridge depending on how much you value your bridge position cleans (the Miracle Man has ceramic magnets which don't sound good clean, but scream when distorted), with Trilogy Suite in the middle and neck.

If lower, get DiMarzios. Everyone else made pretty good suggestions with regards to those.
theres no budget, actually I have BareKnuckle Painkiller's in my hot rodded Fender strat, sick pickups
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theres no budget, actually I have BareKnuckle Painkiller's in my hot rodded Fender strat, sick pickups

Well there you go.

Get Bare Knuckles. Definitely.

IronGear SteamHammer (Neck) + an IronGear Hammerhead (Bridge).

Real cheap, get a great tone from them.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
alright Im gonna go with the BK Painkiller & Irish Tour combo. I love the sound of the Painkiller. Its agressive, its a little bright, but thats no problem & has nice chunky mids. sounds great in my strat, it Judas Priest all the way. which I love. Im wondering how that Irish Tour are gonna sound, most likely amazing.
Such a shame dimarzio discontinued the super3. Its just what you need.
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